Wolf Bouncer All-Mountain Weekend

Can I Register on Race Day?
ABSOLUTELY! The Wolf Bouncer All-Mountain Weekend will have Race Day registration (provided space is available -- we have a 200 rider limit). However, race day events will be at the Last Chance price PLUS a $10.00 race day fee (in addition to the $10.00 fee for a One-Day USA Cycling license). You will save yourself a TON of money if you pre-register now. If you plan on waiting until the last minute, please check this site to make sure we don't sell out before race day!
Do I need to have a USA Cycling license to race in this event?
You don't need a USA Cycling Annual License, but to be covered by our USA Cycling Insurance, you have to have at least a One-Day License ($10.00 per rider). The good news is you only need a One-Day License for day you want to race. The bad news is you need a separate One-Day license for each day of the event ($10.00 x 2 = $20.00). The exception to licenses goes to Expert (CAT1/PRO) and Collegiate riders who are REQUIRED to have a USA Cycling Annual License. If you are not an Expert (CAT1/PRO) or a Collegiate rider, and you do not have an USA Cycling Annual License, you can purchase one when you pre-register for the Wolf Bouncer, or you can buy one from us on race day (for $10.00 each -- this price does not change on race day).
When does pre-registration open?
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Wolf Bouncer All-Mountain Weekend pre-registration will open on August 8th, 2016 on both Bikereg.com (for XC and XCR events), and USACycling.org (for ACCC Collegiate events).