The Reckoneer Recreation Engineering Co. in Northern Virginia is planning to re-launch their successful Wolf Bouncer All Mountain event at Laurel Hill Park (between the Lorton Prison Ruins and the Laurel Hill Equestrian Center) in Lorton, Virginia, in 2019.

Established in 2014 as a USAC Collegiate Mountain Event for the ACCC, the Wolf Bouncer All Mountain (WBAM) took a break in 2018 (after four consecutive years of racing) to reorganize and allow the management of their main venue, Laurel Hill Park, time to repair a significant road washout that had been postponed since 2017.

The relaunch of WBAM in 2019 will bring back the popular two (2) day mountain bike racing format and continue to include USAC officials, categories, and points for Cross-Country (XC), Short Track (STXC), and Endurance (EN) riders.

However, when WBAM comes back in 2019, the new format will not be part of USA Cycling’s collegiate schedule. Instead, WBAM will be hosting a Short-Track XC race and Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) race in place of collegiate-only events.

The 2019 WBAM is expected feature four (4) events:

Cross-Country MTB Race
Day-1 – Wolf Bouncer XC MTB Race @ Laurel Hill Park: The WBAM XC kicks off with an Open Cross-Country race in the morning.

Short-Track MTB Race
Day-1 – Wolf Chaser STXC MTB Race @ Laurel Hill Park: The WBAM ends the first day with an exciting Short-Track XC event for individual riders and teams.

Mountain Bike Orienteering Event
Day-2 – Wolf Jaw MTBO Event @ Laurel Hill Park: The second day of WBAM kicks off with a Mountain Bike Orienteering Race (Short and Medium Distance) in the morning.

3-Hour MTB Endurance Race
Day-2 – Wolf Cooler 3-Hour @ Laurel Hill Park: Then WBAM finishes off the weekend with our most popular event — The Open Cross-Country 3-Hour Endurance Race where Solo or 2-Person Teams attempt to complete as many laps as possible in only 3-hours.